Mass Rape Congo Women Agony

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The first day of New Year be a catastrophe for more than 30 women in the Congo. While many people on the earth rejoice in early 2011, the women were in fact armed gang raped and tortured.

They claim to be bound and beaten in a coordinated attack which took place in a city in the country. This report is derived from the humanitarian organization Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), told the British daily, The Guardian, Thursday, January 7, 2011.

According to MSF, mass rape took place in the town of Fizi, Southern Congo. MSF said the attack occurred simultaneously in the city on January 1, 2011.

"The women are tied with rope or knocked unconscious with a rifle butt before being raped, some were even raped in front of his own children," said MSF spokesman, Annemarie Loof, told The Guardian ..

He said that several people involved in the rape of 33 women. In addition to rape, gangs, people also do robberies and looting.

Currently, said Loof, MSF's medical team caring for 33 women at a hospital in Fizi. A woman hit her head fracture caused by a stone and another woman were shot right in the chest. Both of these women suffered severe injuries that directly referred to a larger hospital in Baraka.

Congo is the most dangerous country for Kailan. The UN reported in 2009, approximately 15,000 women were raped in the Congo. The victim is expected even more because most of them did not report it.

In September last year, the UN condemned the Congolese security forces are considered to have failed in preventing the mass rape. At the United Nations report last year, at least 240 women were raped between 30 and 4 August in northern Congo.

Rape is considered as one strategy FDLR rebels waged war, or the liberation armies of Rwanda, to mentally destroy people who are loyal to the government. Some women even raped in front of her own husband.
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