Escape to the President of Tunisia Saudi Arabia

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Tunisian President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali had fled with his family to Saudi Arabia because he was forced to resign after 23 years in power.

The leader of 74 years were handed over power following the protests over economic problems that occurred and rolled into a rally against him.

Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has taken over as interim president and announced an emergency condition. Ghannouchi was once finance minister and now serves as prime minister since 1999.

He said he would form a government on Saturday. "I will meet representatives of political parties to form a government that can meet the expectations," he told BBC VIVAnews of pages.

Dozens of people have been killed a few weeks because of unrest that swept the country. Security forces also have secured demonstrators who chanted the problem of unemployment, rising prices and corruption.

After leaving the country of Tunisia, Ben Ali on a plane with his family and leave the country amid speculation where the former president's goal. French media reported that President Nicholas Sarkozy has refused to request the plane landed in France.

Then, the Palace of Saudi Arabia gave a statement that Ben Ali has arrived in the country on Saturday. "We care about exceptional conditions, as the brother of Tunisia, the government welcomes and supports the security and stability of their country. The government of Saudi Arabia welcomes President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali and his family into this kingdom,"the statement said.

Meanwhile in an interview with TV Tunisia, Ghannouchi said the main priority is to restore security in the face of looting and robbery. It was not clear whether the demonstrators would receive an interim leadership Ghannouchi or back down to the street.

The BBC reported the protesters ignored the curfew, they celebrated his victory in the streets on Friday night. They reject the same ruling elite.

A wave of protests was triggered by kema.tian unemployment that will burn away when police tried to prevent him from selling vegetables without permission. Demontran and came from all over gathered outside the interior ministry which is the symbol of the regime. Police crack down on demonstrators with gunfire and tear gas grenades.

President Ben Ali himself originally promised to resign in 2014. Ben Ali was Tunisia's second president since the country's independence from France in 1956. He was re-elected at the last election with 89.62 percent votes.
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