Worst Disaster in Brazil, Least 482 People Killed

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Rescue Team, on Thursday (13 / 1), work hard to save victims who are still alive and struggling to reach areas affected by flooding and landslides that killed at least 482 people. The worst natural disaster in decades in Brazil.

Splash of water and mud due to heavy rain that came down from the mountains of Serrana, near Rio de Janero, destroying hundreds of houses, roads, and burying a number of families when they are falling asleep.

"It was like an earthquake," said Jorge Mario, mayor Teresopolis. In this city, more or less 200 people were killed and an estimated amount will increase.

"The number of victims likely to grow because many are buried and can not be rescued by the Rescue Team," said Mario. Three neighboring town, he added, also assailed the flood destroyed.

Hillsides and cliffs in the region about 100 kilometers north of Rio collapse after months of rain for 24 hours until Tuesday (11 / 1) night. Heavy rain is predicted to take place. To the rescue efforts and reduce the risks continue to be done by local authorities.

In Teresopolis and surrounding areas, the houses of the rich and poor alike washed away by floods. Losses caused by disasters is estimated to reach trillions of rupiah. But the heaviest blow must be borne by the poor. They would have difficulty rebuilding their house in the area that has a risk of disaster.

However, flooding does not affect the export of primary commodities Brazilian agriculture, such as soybeans, sugar cane, citrus, and coffee. Conversely, flooding has boosted food prices in the Serrana region, as an important producer of fruits and vegetables for the local Rio.

Rio, which has a region famous for beautiful beaches and carnival events as well as going to host the Football World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016.

Meanwhile, in Nova Friburgo, a city suburb, inhabited by a Swiss immigrant, at least 200 people were killed in this city, officials said.

Disaster in the first challenge for President Dilma Rousseff, who served as president since January 1. According to him, this disaster can not just blame nature.

"Settlements in the area who are at high risk should get attention," he said in Rio after flying over the flood affected areas and visited Nova Friburgo.
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