PM Italia Dituduh Sewa PSK di Bawah Umur

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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's re-tripping of sexual scandal. Having previously been accused of womanizing like, now police are investigating the possibility of Berlusconi have sex with minors.

A statement by the prosecutor in Milan, as quoted from page Associated Press, Friday, January 14, 2011, they are now investigating allegations of illicit sexual relations between Berlusconi, 74, a Moroccan with a prostitute named Karima El Mahrough or known by the name of Ruby on middle of last year.

Prosecutors said that Ruby was then aged 17 years, in Italy the age of the children, when Berlusconi hired him to serve his sexual desires. Berlusconi is also accused of abusing his power by trying to remove Ruby from jail on charges of stealing.

Prosecutors ordered Berlusconi and his lawyer to be present in the process of investigation, including the interrogation process suspects. They also will command the Milan police to question and search people suspected of involvement in the case, including the comfort women who switched professions to become politicians, Nicole Minetti.

Famous Minetti close to Berlusconi. Minetti was the person who ordered Berlusconi to take care of liberation Ruby. If Mr Berlusconi was found guilty, then Minetti also be indicted for aiding and facilitating the prostitution of children.

When asked for confirmation, Berlusconi answered with a half-joking. He said that the prosecutor just upset because not invited to dinner at his house, while Ruby was invited.

"At least my lawyers happy. They will not run out of work during follow me, "he said.

Berlusconi said that he had investigated the police over 100 times and presented in court on 28 cases koceknya spend up to U.S. $ 400 million or about Rp36 billion. He is not afraid to face charges of a very disgusting and these unfounded.

"I can not wait to defend myself in court against accusations that strange, "he said.

Berlusconi publicly known for a variety of sexual scandal with a few comfort women. He is said to often hold an orgy with two prostitutes in the villa in Milan. A prostitute, Patrizia D'Addario, said he and Berlusconi had sex on the night Obama is elected president.

Berlusconi is not the slightest feeling of guilt with these lifestyles. He even said "I love this life, I love women," and "I'm not a saint."
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