North Korea Invites Dialogue, South Korea No Comment

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The government of North Korea (North Korea) begins to soften and said the government would hold talks with South Korean (ROK) to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula. However, the invitation was rejected by South Korea says that North Korea is not sincere disclose.

This is delivered through the North's government news office, KCNA, as quoted from page Associated Press, Wednesday, January 5, 2011. In the article shows that North Korea started to act sweet mouth by saying that the incident should be forgotten.

"We are ready to meet anytime anywhere, which has happened has happened,"wrote the North Korean government statement on KCNA.

North Korean government says that violence need not happen again. North Korea even advised that disputes will only lead to war. "History shows that such a confrontation only leads to division and war," said North.

This statement directly addressed the South Korean government cold. Ministry to direct the Korean Association rejected an invitation and said he did not believe in the North Korean intentions. "We do not regard it as a sincere call to dialogue," said ministry spokesman, Lee Jong-joo.

North Korea last year's first attack was launched in March to a warship in the waters of South Korea Cheonan. Torpedo attack that sank the ship and killing 42 people. The second attack occurred 23 November 2010 when North Korea Yeonpyeong island plied with artillery that killed four South Koreans.

Agree with Lee, in Washington, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States, PJ Crowley, called on North Korea to demonstrate its seriousness about the dialogue invitation.

"We want to see dialogue between North and South Korea. We are open to resume six-party dialogue. However, only if North Korea shows its seriousness, we also will show seriousness," said Crowley.
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