Mandala Airlines Merpati Eyes Route

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Jakarta-airline PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines plans to fill the abandoned route Mandala Airlines. According to the Commerce Director of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines Tonny Aulia, it had looked at several domestic routes, but it still will be evaluated first.

Tonny said, it attracted Denpasar-Surabaya route back and forth (PP) as much as 2 times a day, Denpasar-Jakarta (PP) 1 times a day, and route-Bandung Batam (PP) was also once a day. "The route had been the way since yesterday. It will be our evaluation where a profitable again," he said.

Regarding the recruitment of pilots Mandala, it can not ensure. However, he said, Merpati has held talks with the Mandala. "It will be adjusted again with our condition. Because his plane that is used is different Mandala Merpati. They use the Airbus, we use a Boeing, so there needs to be adjusted again," he said.

Even so, he's not sure how many pilots will be recruited and began when can teralisasi. "We still wanted all the pilots and as soon as possible. But it depends on permission later," he said.

Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Communications, Herry Bakti said, that must be considered in co-operation to employ pilots from other airlines are Mandala to qualifications pilot to fly a particular aircraft type. "If the same type of plane there is no problem, but if different from the aircraft must have the training again," he said.

Herrera said there are no rules regulating the transfer of inter-airline pilot. But if it will be employed to other airlines, it must be reported to the Ministry of transportation first. Currently, Mandala has about 100 pilots with 16 domestic routes and 4 international routes.
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