Biggest Black Hole in the Universe Discovered

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Black hole or black hole is the biggest in the universe have been found with a heavy 6.8 billion times the mass of the Sun. So big, reputedly the hole capable of swallowing the Earth's solar system and its entire contents.

With a horizon size of it, it is estimated the entire contents of the solar system could not run away from this edge, including even light. For comparison, the amount could reach four times the orbit of the planet Neptune.

The black hole is located in M87. So far, he is the biggest galaxy that is closest to the Milky Way. The distance is estimated about 50 million light years from Earth and is still not known when the 'monster' was born.

Given the size is very huge, some scientists think the hole was created by hundreds of black holes merge into one in the past.

"He could swallow our solar system," said Karl Gebhardt, a scientist from the University of Texas, Austin, U.S., as quoted from All Voices, Sunday, January 16, 2011.

A special telescope in Hawaii used by scientists to observe objects that is expected to have weighed more than double the previous. With these telescopes, Gebhardt and his team are able to observe space objects up to a distance of 500 km.

'And, this giant black hole is a black hole and Accurate termasif we've found,' said astronomer George Djorgovski of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.
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